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If you are looking for live music for your next event in Winnipeg

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Let me arrange it for you everything from a solo musician for intimate gatherings to a full group for larger functions.
Jazz Popular and Classical music, one musician or many.

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Latest News

April 17, 2015
Some Music Mixes On You Tube

I have a few playlists up of my playing.

first off is solo jazz guitar selections

next is a selection of pop music videos

next is me doing the one man band thing.

and here is some of my work as a members of The Burtons 

May 21, 2014
New Guitar and New Uploads

So I have yet another new guitar! This time around I have gone with an Alvarez Baritone guitar.

Alvarez is a great name. It comes with a B Band dual pick system (one under saddle one under sound board.

What is baritone guitar you ask?? Well tuned relatively like a guitar but a 5th lower. So (low to high) ADGCEA  The chord and scale shapes still apply but now in a different key.

There are 2 ways of dealing with it

  1. Play everything I know “like” it is in the key I know it in but have it sound the 5th lower (solo guitar)
  2. Transpose music I know so the key remains the same. (D shape = G Chord)

Works well with how my brain is dealing with playing Ukulele

Here is a video I did of There is No Greater Love

I also have a tonne of new uploads after this weekend I have a old but new to me camera (Kodak Z18) that accepts secondary audio input so I can take a line right off my amp.

Here is a short version of an old Stevie Wonder Tune.

I do find the sound 'quacks' somtimes and I am trying to see if it is the camera or the amp output


December 12, 2013
The New CD

Better Late Than Never

So you can stream the new CD When Somebody Loves You by the Burtons at Spotify  and you can buy it online at CDBaby or iTunes

You Stream my Christmas Album Left Handed Christmas at Spotify as well or buy it at iTunes

April 30, 2013
New Guitar


So I finally have a 7 String Archtop! Another Ibanez but this time an Expressionist.


I sold a guitar locally and bought this on line

Here is a video I shot a few days later

March 8, 2013
Spring News

Well it isn’t spring yet but it is closer that not and I might not be writing at that time.

So news well I actually sold some music on iTunes. I have yet to upload my latest album on there as I am not sure the value for someone like me. They make you pay to have it on there and then take a cut of what they decide to sell it for.

 I have booked quite a few private functions and weddings. There is always a disconnect with those as I book them many months in advance, in some cases get paid well in advance and then play them. Either way they are great fun. There is the usual assortment of solo gigs playing wedding ceremonies but a coupla nice quartet gigs as well.

I have also started playing sideman in a Celtic folk group. They really want a singing keyboardist and they have one or 2 they use but sometimes they will have to settle for me.

I have also start back playing music in my church  after a long break. I am really enjoying that.

And along with my guitars, drums, keyboards, banjo and melodic…I seem to now be in possession of an electric mandolin.


All the best till next time.

December 11, 2012
Stuff Heading in to the Holidays

So this private event season (holiday parties) hasn't been as brisk for me this year as last (Which was nutzzzzzzzz) it has been more satisfying. Last year I had 2 gigs that while they were jazz and all that, where depressing like my worst ever country gig from back in the day.

This year they have all (so far) been quite fun. Nov 30th and Dec 1st saw the Burton Duo play at the Fort Garry. The first night was crazy busy but the second night had just the right number of people to have a crowd to play to, but the background conversation didn't over power us. Good applause, cards handed out and we played 'up to it' as they say. Wish we had recorded it.

Dec 6th had me playing a staff Christmas party/luncheon for Holy Family Home. I say Christmas instead of "holiday' because this was a Orthodox Ukrainian Care home with the event started off by grace led by a nun. We played Christmas jazzed up and some standards I could vaguely connect to Christmas (Thad Jones' A Child is Born and Herzog's God Bless the Child). The crowd loved the trio (made up of me, Julian Bradford on Upright and Jaime Carrasco on Drums).

On the 8th I did a duo with Steve Hamilton at Baileys on Lombard for Nelson Environmental's Christmas party. I say Christmas because the dinner was started off with a speech and grace by the CEO. In the small world dept. One of my piano student's mother was at the event. Again the people dug it and didn't talk louder than the band. We actually had to pull it back a few times.

This Saturday has me in Duo with Mike Cann on Bass playing a wedding reception/dinner (again at the Fort Garry) but with specific instructions to not play Christmas and to play a particular jazz piece at some point. On the 22nd the Burton Trio plays our bi monthly (in the truest sense) gig at McNally Robinson lots of Christmas jazz will ensue.

On another front there was a 'front' page article on me and my new CD in the Sou'Wester paper (which was also a mid paper article in the satellite editions in other parts of the city). Everything from wedding couples, students and their families to the ladies who make my sandwiches at the Safeway near our Music School have made comment. You can find the online version here.

That's it for now Folks. If I don't write anything else this year have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a safe New Year 


November 15, 2012
Left Hand Complment CD Sampler
Left Hand Compliment Sampler by riverheightsmusic

November 15, 2012
Christmas Sampler Now Available
Left Handed Christmas Sampler by riverheightsmusic

November 7, 2012
Suprise, Suprise

Here I was thinking I had to wait for iTunes et al to have my music available for online download. But with a little hard work today I was able to set up a store on my page here so go to my music store to purchase either last year's "Left Handed Christmas" or this year's "Left Handed Compliment"


Available as albums only but for much less than the hard copy price

November 6, 2012
New CD and New Guitar

Well I have sent my new CD to Print and uploaded to online sellers. The hard caopy should be available next week the online version next month.


As Well I am enjoying playing my new 7 string classical.

Here it is in action..



October 22, 2012
Now On iTunes

I just finished uploading my 2011 Release "Robert Burton's Left Handed Christmas" to a Number of Online retailers including iTunes Amazon and Spotify.


Yes I have made that leap into the 90's with downloadable music.


When the links go live I'll keep you posted.

October 12, 2012
Surgery Recovery and New Web Site

So I have had gall bladder troubles and 2 weeks ago I had the damn thing out. Kinda lucky as I was the right level of urgency. Not so serious that it need drastic removal but bad enough that it came out within 24 hours of  being admitted. And it was the less invasive, quicker recovery laparoscopic surgery.


Still meant I missed 2 gigs and 5 nights of teaching and having to say no to at least 2 other jobs because I was not cleared to lift anything (like an amp). So with the spare time I am setting up this website. I have one for my music business, one for my Music School and more but I wanted one for me for a number of reasons I won't go into (also on the way; a site for the group I have had with my Wife for 15years)


So here it is under construction

Robert Burton
Winnipeg Musician
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
R3P 0N5