April 5th Palm Lounge Solo Guitar

My monthly solo guitar slot at the Lounge inside the Fort Garry Hotel was early in the month. I didn’t do anything to fancy gear wise this time (Last time I used the new Godin 7 string nylon and my Traynor AC100 (that I dropped a new speaker into). The one problem with acoustic guitar amps is they do not send the sound around the room like an open back amp.

Friday is a great matinee to play as I can get great street parking right by the side entrance. As well, 4-8pm is a great slot for the dinner and drinks crowd.

The restaurant was different kinds of busy. While there weren’t a lot of talkers, there also wasn’t a lot of music lovers. I am at the point where I am so used to not being listened to, that I am in my own world. Sometimes I forget where I am whilst going down some musical rabbit hole.

Anyways always fun whether they are listening or tipping or not!

Till next time.

Picture of my Ibanez AFJ 957 7 string arch top guitar. The picture was taken with the hipstamatic app.

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