Boss Katana 100 1-12 Amp

I bought a new amp in the early fall. I had used the same amp (A Yamaha G100 112 III since 86) It was heavy then and it got heavier.

I do not have access to a great selection of amps to try here in Winnipeg. The Long and McQuade’s have the usual selection of Fender and Marshall and their own brands Yorkville Sound and Traynor. 

I would love to try a Henriksen or Quilter  amp. Test driving a Quilter or Dumble would be nice, but now one in town has one. And forget about a used Polytone.

But St.John’s Music had a few of the Katanas in stock. I dropped in to test drive one and they seem pretty cool. The store did not have a 7 string to pump through it but I bought it anyways, with the understanding I could bring it back within a week if I didn’t like it.

Well I still have it!

Below is a video review of the amp and accessories and a little demo of my patches.

In a nutshell:

  1. it works great
  2. you really need to use the USB interface to edit tones with any nuance
  3.  great string separation
  4. great bass sounds
  5. great effects options.
  6. light and compact

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