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Office Christmas Parties Winnipeg

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One of Robert’s busiest times, outside of wedding season, is the time leading up he year end. In November and December many companies want to reward their employees with a holiday party.

This is something Robert excels at. He uses the same, exceptional quality, Winnipeg musicians at all his events. He can make your office Christmas or Holiday party have that added extra touch of class.

Robert can play relaxing background music to ease your guests from entry to reception, dinner and through to dessert.

He has done many Winnipeg Holiday parties since the year 2000, so he know the know the venues.

Robert can play solo guitar for your small gathering or put together an ensemble from 2-5 musicians for your larger events.

Robert offers a wide selection of ensembles and further options, making sure the music at your party is just right.

Because of this he can provide a musical setting that best reflects your needs from event size to budget. From background music to something that engages you and your guests more.

While the groups are jazz based they also do a wide variety of popular music from many decades to keep everyone happy.

At your request we can play holiday favorites with jazz arrangements.

Robert Burton Musician
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