UK TripDay 16 – London Duchess Theatre

As today was going to be hotter and more humid than the previous 2 days, we decided to keep it simple.

So after a breakfast on the patio, I did some guitar practice. I always take a guitar on vacation as there always seems to be loads of down time. This vacation not so much.
After that I treated myself to a noon whisky.

On the other hand, we are glutton for punishment!

Like I said it was hot and getting hotter. But this is not a time for the weak. I found a cemetery near enough that also happen to be alongside one of the London canals.

Dinner at 4.

We chose to go to Chinatown as it is close to the Soho theatre district. We went to Bejing Dumpling . Between a lack of English skills from the staff, the MSG sensitivity of my wife and my 18 year old deciding to give up meat on a vacation, ordering was a bit of a nightmare. A simple question about the MSG turned into the manager, who clearly was no better at English and had not time for our concerns, coming over to make things more confusing.

As it turned out, we ordered too much food.

If you go, just check the boxes on the menu, sit back and be quiet.
The food is amazing.
The food came willy nilly. soup, appetizers and mains in random order. No pictures of the food, as we were too busy eating.

A nice and leisurely pace had us wandering towards the theatre. We had decided on The Play That Went Wrong. A play about a play.

It was quite funny and my kind of theatre!

Then a bus and train ride home.

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