Day 4 UK Trip Glasgow

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Our day in the west end of Glasgow started with, the free to all, Botanic Gardens.

After a quick trip around the first green house we stepped up for some tea and scones

Then more walking around and green houses. Set your cameras to macro!

Then off to some shops for window and real shopping.

Glasgow University

A tour of the historic school was in order.


Off to another highly recommended eatery. Combining traditional Scottish cuisine with Indian/Asian. At first we were a little put off (frighten) by some of the super traditional aspects of Stravaigin (haggis, pig’s head, pigeon, etc). But, looking closer we were able to find much to eat. dhal, steamed mussels, eggs Benedict with cured salmon, fries of course and you really can’t come to Scotland without at least trying haggis.
I don’t know what traditional haggis tastes like but this place’s 30 year old recipe of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties was amazing! (Neeps are turnips and Tatties are mashed potatoes).

River Walk

A walk to the museum along the River Kelvin. As a fly fisherman, it was hard to keep on walking.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Another free to all museum. Full of art and unique museum pieces.

After a rest at the rental out to a pub for whisky, beer and pub food.

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