Day 5 UK Trip Oban Day Trip

There are many reasons to visit Oban. It is a beautiful city on the west coast of Scotland for one. A great place for seafood is another. For us personally it was also a trip to my ancestral clan seat at Dunollie Castle in Argyle and Arran and to tour the distillery of one of our favourite whisky distilleries.

So taking the train from Glasgow Queen Street Station we went on a very civilized trip from an urban centre of 1/2 million to the rugged highlands countryside.

Queen Street Station Glasgow

The Train

Train travel is so very civilized. It’s like a comfortable chair that rockets you to your destination. You watch the world unfold out your window whilst snacking, blogging, listening to music and day drinking. (At least me).

WiFi and plugins
Morning Coffee
Random dudes Playing cards and drinking on the morning ride.

These are shots from a moving train so forgive the lack of clarity

Random Castle Ruins

Arriving Oban

Such a sweet city/town.

Yes those are palm trees

Under Powered For Birds

As you may know I am an avid birder. As we were traveling light due to many accommodation changes and train transport. So I am missing my big lenses. Got lucky with this Black guillemot.


While you can get fish and chips anywhere in the world, I find it is always better to get it near actual water they catch the fish from. The Oban Fish and Chips Shop was across the street from the ocean. They didn’t have a liquor license but we were allowed to walk 2 doors down and buy beer to consume at the shop with our F & C.

A new favourite!

Oban Distillery Tour

When I get into anything I go all in. Amongst whisky drinkers learning how this magical elixir is made, where it’s made, how to pronounce the names correctly and trips to Scottish distilleries are all part of the fun!

McCaig’s Tower

A twenty minute steep climb (even steeper for this prairie living tourist). A monument to some rich family from the early 20th century. Some nice views along the way!

Dunollie Museum, Castle and Grounds

I am a McDougall on my mother’s side. My great grandfather emigrated from Scotland in the late 1800’s. So this castle ruin (in the middle of a country literally littered in castles) was the major reason for our trip to Oban in particular and Scotland in general.
The Clan is one of the oldest of the original clans and so is our tartan. The castle is nearly a millennia old.
Unfortunately for us, the MacDougalls were on the wrong side of some important conflicts. They opposed Robert the Bruce AND supported the Jacobite Rebellion.

After some souvenir shopping and picking up some food for the road, we took the train home. This is when we got to experience the other side of liberal alcohol laws. Basically the car was filled with drunk idiots making life unpleasant and either not caring or spoiling for a fight. One by one groups of travelers, families left their reserved seats and moved to another car.
Almost ruin a perfect day.

Tomorrow we are off to Inverness.

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