Day 6 UK Trip – Journey to Inverness.

Maybe it is super trendy and touristy but here we are off to Inverness and yes, while we are here to see the Colludon battlefield, it is a trip inspired by the Outlander T.V. and book series.

We took the train again and learned there is more than one kind of 1st class train ride. The first one we tried (from London to Glasgow) was full service and the sandwiches, tea and treat were a constant flow. On this one we just had nicer seats.

We still had the lovely trip up the center of the highlands with more rolling hills eventually morphing in the rugged terrain. Again shot through the window of a speeding train.

Train station from 1824

Then we arrived at Inverness.

After a taxi from the train station, we settled into our latest digs.

Balcony view of the lower River Ness

Another sweet town/city with some much picture worthy architecture.

We made our way to Black Isle Brewing Company. A great vibe and awe some local and not so local beer selection. Beer pizza and finished with Ice Cream down the street.

After that we walked it off on the lovely Ness Islands Trail.

Then back to the flat for a night cap!

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