Day 7 UK trip – Inverness/Loch Ness Country Side

Today was a pretty laid back day in anticipation of dinner party we booked in the hills surrounding Lock Ness.

Another Walk Around Inverness

As mentioned, this is a lovely and very photograph friendly place. Ultimitley we were aiming at lunch but the walk provided more photo opportunities.

Based on a reccomnedation from a friend back home, we chose The Kitchen Brassier. A good deal for a starter and entree from a five star restaurant.

From this venue we could see Inverness Castle. And we decided to climb the stairs to climb more stairs to climb more to reach the view point.

Back to the flat to chill before the dinner party.

What we booked was a professional dinner party. They pick you up at your place and drive you to their farm in the hills around Lock Ness. Along with us and the hosts was an elderly couple from Leeds and a family from Houston Texas.

The 5 household children ranged in age from 2 years to 16 and they interacted with the 5,12 14 and our 18 year old very well.

Hand Fasting

When we were originally planning this, my thought was to have a vow renewal ceremony on the ancestral castle grounds. But that proved untenable. My wife found a hand fasting and it turned out to be the same people who where hosting the dinner!

Hand Fasting is a traditional highlands wedding and one of the oldest in the world. The tying of the hands together in this fashion is where the expression “Tie the Knot” comes from.

Dinner and Drinks

We started outside and then had dinner inside (I think someone was cold but it would have been lovely to stay out there!)

My picture taking kinda ended as we ate drank bubbly, wine and scotch. Good times with great people.

Tomorrow I fly fish the River Spey!

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