Day 8 and 9 UK trip

Day 8 Fly Fishing the River Spey

  • This was one of the first things we booked.
  • We booked it 5 months prior.
  • It cost $600 for just me.
  • I caught 7 fish all small.

You can read all about it here.

Day 9 First Stop: Urquhart Castle

This was our first super touristy stop on the trip so far. Now of course being tourists and complaining about tourists is counter intuitive but, it is nicer to go to the things that aren’t on any box checkers lists.

You can read all about the place here.

We started out with a snack. Probably the treats we’ve ever had at a tourist site cafe

Here are the shots.

Bronze Age Burial Site Clava Cairns

The Clava Cairns are an ancient burial site and possible area of worship. It is the suspected inspiration for Craigh Na Dun for the Outlander T.V. book and series. (Sorry folks the actual place is fictional and “The stones in the TV series were made of styrofoam and installed on location at Kinloch Rannoch” )

But first a meal!

Here are the shots, including the walk to and from.

Culloden Battle Field

The site of the final, and decisive battle between Jacobites and the English.

Then a bus ride home after walking 5-6 miles that day.
Tomorrow we Leave for Edinburgh.

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