Drum Lessons

Robert Burton is Winnipeg’s most experienced musician and music educator. He has been playing and teaching for nearly 3 decades. He attended York University‘s Fine Arts Program with a Jazz Focus  and graduated with honours from the venerable Humber College of Music.

He can take you being a complete beginner to becoming a complete musician!

Whether you have the modest goals of drumming for fun or the lofty goals of making music your way of life, Robert can give the skills to last a lifetime!

Robert’s unique approach is to use a combinations of all the best methods available and combining them into his method book (in progress). He has found that most books either, skip crucial steps in an attempt to pander to new drummers or methods that are too detailed and frustrate progress. Why sometimes they can do both.

Come to Robert to learn the basics, get better or even up your game to pass a university audition.

Lessons are available late mornings, afternoons and Evenings Mon-Friday and Saturdays during the day!

Robert Burton Musician
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3N 1P5