Farewell Old Friend

I recently sold a guitar. No earth shattering news there but this guitar was kinda special. I bought it over 2 decades ago. I had just been through a messy separation and divorce where the ex (with the help of the police) had stolen some guitars as well as my stereo equipment, all my CDs. She did this AFTER getting half of everything in the separation.
The Ibanez Pat Metheny PM20 is a 6 string guitar with a single neck position pickup. It is made for one thing. Playing jazz.

I had just graduated Humber’s Music program a few years before but due the the aforementioned unstable marriage, all I was able to do was teach. So using my degree to gig and continue getting better wasn’t in the cards.

Well then the reset button got hit. I met a new love and bought a new guitar.

Pat is my favourite guitarist of any genre and having a guitar that had his name on it meant a lot to me.

I did a lot of learning, relearning, practicing and gigging on this guitar. I loved its sound and was complimented on it regularly.

Eventually, I moved onto 7 string playing and my 6 string guitars fell into disuse. This was the last to go and the most difficult. But I muddled through and sold it.

Ironically the guitar was bought by my old school chum, band mate and guitar teacher back in Ontario. He’d drifted away from the music profession but had always wanted an arch top and this model in particular.

Here’s to hoping he gets a another 20+ years

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