February Solo Guitar Palm Restaurant Winnipeg

Again and again, here I am at the Palm Lounge, inside Hotel Fort Garry in Winnipeg. As the live venues get fewer and fewer and the music loving crowd gets older, live music of any sort is maybe becoming an endangered species. Maybe it will remain as it is. Maybe it will have a resurgence, maybe it will disappear.

Live Music

As long as I have been playing live music, there has always been some musicians saying it is dying. But there are always those of us who go forward anyways. If you love (and I mean really love music) you should go into the music business. Now I don’t mean taking marginal skills and hope for a break with some band, that has always been a canard, but learn all you can. Get an education in music. Learn to play every commercial style out there. Say yes to gigs that pay and no to those that do not.

Get a Music Degree

In and of itself, it will will not make you money, but you can teach, you can back up your live playing with students. You can be a music lesson centres first choice over the guy who ‘took some lessons and played in a band’.

Seems like a strange speech to give when I am just reporting on another gig, but it just sorta struck me. Fort music to survive in this day and age of free downloads, Spotify, DJs and Rappers that what the world needs now, more than ever is musicians playing music.

Till Next Time.

7 string solo guitar

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