Jazz Duo Gig in Winnipeg

I used to report on all my gigs or strings of gigs. But COVID restrictions stopped gigs and killed many venues or killed their ability and/or interest in live music.
Once place that that survived both the restrictions and live music purge is Resto Gare They have a live music series from the spring till the fall. As it is a limited run and only once per week, I only have ever gotten to play there once a year.

Given the current situation, I am ever grateful to their commitment to having live jazz.

On this gig I am joined by Steve Hamilton on bass.

I used my new GoPro 10. I bought it for shooting fly fishing videos but gave it a whirl for live performance. It captured the first set fine but all I got from the 2nd set was a fast motion blur with no sound. Add to the auto shut off if it gets too hot (and the main cause of heat build up is the battery itself) and the incompatible files (that I have to transcode before editing), I am a little under whelmed by it. I have the original Hero and despite its short battery life and SD card limitations I am preferring it right now.

Anyways, here’s the first set from Thursday September the 22nd.

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