July 6th: busy day

While my music school has scaled back to just 3 hours on 3 days (Tues, Wed & Thurs) there is no rest from the other aspects of this wonderful business!

In the morning I did a short karaoke style gospel recording session at my recording studio. I don’t market my studio very heavily as I am quite engaged during the week 10 months of the year with gigs and teaching. Being busy at night makes my availability a no  go for most people.

I have been recording since the 80’s and have owned and/or used everything from bouncing 2 track recorders to 4 track tape machines to reel to reel multi tracks to stand alone DAWs to end up here with HD recording software and interfaces. I have the equipment but none of the stereo typical studio stuff like Iso rooms and a leather couch. I have the stuff needed to do the services I offer.

A lovely lady came in to make a take of Catholic hymns for her parents.

Asian Woman Singing

That afternoon I headed out to the Fort Garry Hotel to do my monthly solo guitar gig. Being summer and folk fest, I had no trouble finding a great spot on the street but the Lounge was decently busy through out my 4 hours there.

Shot of guitar head stock at Palm Lounge