June 23rd McNally Robinson

June 23rd was a busy day for me. I taught at my music school till 1, played a wedding gig from 4 – 6:30 in Lockport Manitoba and then drove back to town to play at the Prairie Ink from 8:30-10:30

We were really warmed up by the time we hit the downbeat at 8:30. Still using my EH Freeze and Boss RC-300 we played our jazz repertoire as well as some non jazz and crossover music (but always played through a jazz lens)

jazz guitar and vocals

It was kinda dead in there. The staff blamed the Jazz Festival but since there’s hardly any jazz there we weren’t missing any jazz fans. No just a few things conspired. One it is summer, two most kids are done school, the weather was awe some and it is event season (weddings galore).

We are back there on July 7th 8:30-10:30

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