Last Day in London, Last Day in the UK

An overview.

I loved traveling by train through the Scottish countryside, through London and greater London, not so much.
If I was to notice anything less than stellar about the Scottish highlands, it would be the complete lack of wildlife. They have been killing things here for a long time and most of them are extinct. Explains why the fur trade we grew up in Canada learning about, was such a big deal. (assuming all of the UK and Europe were the same or similar)
In 21 days, I can count on one hand the not excellent meals. It was really hard to get a bad one. The ones that were disappointing, were mostly because of the price.
They elected a new P.M while we were there and the CND vs Pound was in our favour.

When we go back it will probably be either Just London to do international city type things OR Scotland to do historical things and more exploring.

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