My own 6 String Electric Ukulele!

I bought a Ukulele a few years ago. I noticed that it was picking up steam as the new hipster instrument. I figured it would replace the djembe as the ‘easy’ musical instrument. I was right! I was taught ‘uke’ as part of my middle years education. We learn the Canadian or ‘melodic’ uke. Typically the uke is tuned A, E ,C High G. Melodic uke has the 4th string a G but an octave lower. Honestly the high G tuning is a waste. You can’t play full melodies and the note is duplicated in so many chords. The little thing is already limited enough!

Anyways, the ukulele lessons we start at the school have taken off. Not just hipsters, but little kids and regular folks too. It is also a great gateway to guitar and music in general.

Shortly after that I picked up a 6 string Ukulele (AKA Guitalele) and it is a fun little instrument! Sadly it was one of the few instruments I own that can’t be plugged in! Enter the Wish App. They had Fishman acoustic guitar pickups for cheap cheap cheap!
You guessed it, I put it into the 6 string uke.

I installed the pick up into the ukulele

It was a tight fit and not perfect but I now have a 6 string ukulele I can record and gig with! Here it is in action. I am Playing a solo ukulele arrangement of Pat Metheny‘s “If I Could”

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