Newfoundland 2018 – Day 11

Today was a pretty basic day. I woke up and went to church. Now it is a little more interesting than that. I went to St. John the Baptist cathedral. This is where we went to the Crypt Tea Room and St. John’s Haunted Hike earlier in the trip. This hearkens back to a time when the church was the centre of community activities.

In my 3 trips to NL (actually all trips) I always want to attend the Anglican services. I never do for a variety of reasons, losing track of the days being one of them.

This service really bought back memories of church services from my youth. They use the BCP , the old hymns, the alter and sanctuary are at the very front, we knelt there for communion. The organ was magnificent sounding and the organist quite good. As a bonus there were 3 babies being baptized!

I walked home from church.

Got back to where we are staying and went to practice. Turned the amp on and it made a horrid sound and died. This is the second time a tube amp vacation rental has died on me. I brought my MacGyver amp made from cables, reverb pedal and a blue tooth speaker.

I ate a late lunch/earl dinner at the Celtic Heart. Very good, very reasonable and they had one of my favourite beers!

In case you care, the dish is Cod Au Gratin.

Next thing will truly surprise you. I went fishing.

The water was pretty stained from all the rain. The sun was shining so I forewent the rain gear only to have the sky darkened and open up on me.

My stuff is still drying.

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