Newfoundland 2018 Day 14

We started off the day putting together a care package for home. This contained mostly Newfoundland jam. Specifically partridge berry,  better known as lingonberry, and bake apple, also known as cloud berry, jams from Belbin’s Grocery.

We then took a stroll in St. John’s most famous park. The 100 year old Bowring Park is a marvel. Green because of the weather, well maintained, two streams bordering the park.

On our list of things was also having a drink at the Duke of Duckworth. We knew it from the TV show but it has always been a tourist stop because of its vibe and icon status.

The Duke of Duckworth in St. John's Newfoundland

We chilled a bit and our team split up.

I, of course, went fishing.

Fly Fishing in Down Town St. John's Newfoundland

I decided to challenge myself on this last day and only do upstream dry fly.

Dry Fly FishingWaterford River Brown Trout

And my son and wife went a saw a drag queen. This particular performer is a big deal and international level.

But that is the kind of compact and cosmopolitan place St. John’s is. We can find things to do together and separate.

At the end of the day we went up to Signal Hill one last time.

It was a rare cloudless night and I was hoping to get a night sky shot.

Cloudless = Windy and the top of a hill = really windy. So holding the tripod still was a challenge and the results are obvious.

Tomorrow is a half day with travel to T.O.





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