Newfoundland 2018 – Day 2

We arrived in Newfoundland in good time and with our wits in tack.


Our first few stops was getting supplies like whisky, wine, guitar amp, food, fishing license, etc.


Newfoundland Whisky
Seemed like a great Idea but takes too much like rye for me.

Then off for some famous Ches’s Fish And Chips (with traditional stuffing and gravy)

Ches's Fish and Chips
No trip to St. John’s is complete without some Ches’s Fish and Chips

After setting in I was off the the blue ribbon trout stream that runs though the city…The Waterford River.
A fish on the 3rd cast many hits and fish through the evening. Lots of jumping fish!
Waterford River Brown Trout

Home for tea and blogging. and a try at a long exposure harbour picture.

St. John's Harbour at night
While we have a harbour view we also have a view of the work yard. I will try to get up and away to take a more classic shot.


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