Newfoundland 2018 – Day 4

Today was a little different from what has happened and what I hope is to happen. No restaurant and no fly fishing.

Started the day Hiking to the Cabot Tower at the top of Signal Hill.

“The Battle of Signal Hill took place on the morning of September 15 when the 200 English soldiers climbed Signal Hill attacking 295 French infantry. The attack, which caught the French by surprise, resulted in the French forces retreating and surrendering three days later.

In 1897, Cabot Tower was commissioned to commemorate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s discovery of Newfoundland and Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. An excellent example of late-gothic revival architecture the tower was designed by St. John’s architect William Howe Greene.

In 1901, Signal Hill was at the centre of a major international breakthrough. Guglielmo Marconi, using an antenna suspended 500 feet by kite, received the first transatlantic wireless signal, the letter ‘S’ in Morse code. Marconi’s breakthrough, which was part of an ongoing rivalry with many inventors, led to a new age in communication technology.”

For flat-landers, this walk can be very trying. 40 minutes from our front door to the top ALL UP HILL!

But it is an amazing photography opportunity even in pelting rain and incoming fog.

A Rare Selfie

After this we got a snack and went into the Geo Centre

“The rocks of Signal Hill are 550 million year old —100 million years older than the eastern Appalachian Mountains, and over 400 million years older than the western Rocky Mountains!”

After this a walk back and chill at the Air B&B

Then off to some friends house. It was planned to be done early enough for me to get in some fishing. Alas, it was not to be. So a side trip to Petty Harbour was in order.

A wall of fog

Tomorrow is not too jammed up and should have some fly fishing and a good restaurant!

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