Newfoundland 2018 Day 7

Oh a JAM packed day!

Off the top an ocean tour in the Witless Bay Ecological Preserve! whales and birds.

We were picked up in the Gatherall’s Shuttle and driven to Bay Bulls to get on their diesel catamaran.

Now the sea was not bad, by North Atlantic standards, but it did take me a while to get my legs. The twin hull boat is the most stable whale watching craft I have ever been on but those 3-6 meter swells took some getting used to.

We found a whale soon enough. A lone male humpback that was not yet full grown, but still big enough to be on it’s own.

I have been whale watching 6 times now (3 times in Witless Bay and 3 times in Bay of Fundy) and it never gets old!

Off next to Gull island to see a large rookery of birds.


I can say I have a little obsession with these fat, colourful robin sized birds.


Also on Gull Island, Gulls!

The largest population is the Murres.

On the way back the crew sang and played a few Newfoundland traditional songs like “Salt Water Joys. Then a couple of folks got  “Screeched In” this is a ceremony that has a few variations but always includes Reciting this Newfanease phrase “Deed I is, me ol’ cock! And long may yer big jib draw!” and followed by a shot of Screech Rum.Well that was fun!

Off next to the Anglican Church Crypt Tea Room!

Dainties and Tea in a church basement!

As usually we followed it up with at tour of the sanctuary.


and outside.

Of course then it is time for food.

No my plan and promise is to fish and each fish everyday. I have come close to that missing only one day of fishing and today I went with.

Yes I know they have them in Winnipeg now, yes I first had it back in Ontario, but no trip to the east coast is complete without some Mary Brown’s Chicken!

Then the fishing.

Tonight I went with my Tenkara rod. This is reel-less fly fishing close to the original heart wood, horsehair and gut of fly fishing’s roots.

It always seems to pull in the bigger fish in any situation.


Then home for a cup of tea. 

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