Newfoundland 2018 – Day 8

Past halfway on our trip. More days behind us than in front. Living in denial. Trying not think about it.

Today was a mishmash of activities.

First stop was Quidi Vidi  iconic fishing community” More like ginger bread village. Newfoundland has a tonne of working fishing villages. This one is a a little too neat and tidy. As well as a high end restaurant, a micro brewery and an art gallery.

Bored quickly, we decided to head out to Pouch (pooch) Cove to hike a particularly scenic part of the east coast trail.

Everywhere I have lived and visited has the expression “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes!” In Newfoundland it is actually true.

So then we headed over to St Philips.

Lovely place with a clear river running into the ocean. We could see flounder feasting on the filleted carcasses of cod and trout jumping at the falls.

We also ate at By The Beach

We heard the caiplan (herring) were running in Middle Cove. By the time we got there it was over. It is based on the tides.

Lovely place nonetheless.

Rain off and on so we headed back to rest.

I played my travel guitar and had a glass of Irish Whiskey

Now I didn’t fish today but all I could focus on was our return to my favorite restaurant anywhere, Basho.

A Japanese Fusion with  top quality recipes!

Opening Martini
Miso and Teriyaki sweet potoato
Scallops, sirloin, portobello and onion rings.
Pan Seared Cod
And the unbelievably good Goat Cheese Cheese Cake

After that we truly needed a walk. So the famed St. John’s Haunted Hike was in order.

An hour and a bit walk around the core regaled with tales of ghosts and the macabre!

A must for any visitor. (I have done it 3 times)

Off to home base to chill.

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