Newfoundland 2018 – Days 12 & 13

Combining the days as we wind down. Tomorrow is our last full day. We have accomplished so much, had so much fun, ate so much, caught so many fish, walked so many steps.

Day 12

Easy morning starting with a light breakfast.

 Followed by some guitar practice.

Then had lunch and a lovely conversation with an acquaintance from my home church of st.benedict’s table. I knew her through the music ministry and always found her quite nice. We are Facebook and Instagram friends as well so I knew she was living here and she knew I was visiting. But our little lunch revealed her to be quite brilliant. It was a great conversation and I found it quite invigorating.

On my way back I took a few pictures.

Back home for a glass of whiskey and more guitar.

Some cousins came over for the most universal of east coast meals.

Good times.

Day 13.

Started off with meeting more of the wife’s school chums. We ate at the Bagel Cafe and the music and food were perfect.

Then we went off in search of souvenirs!

While I did score puffin socks, a Newfoundland tartan mug, a puffin beer opener, puffin pjs, Cape St Mary’s Fleece, puffin key fob, some bake apple and some partridge berry jams, an NL sticker for my guitar case, and more. But my new NL cap and some books by local authors were the unique ones among the haul.

Off to a dinner at Celtic Hearth again.

The sirloin poutine….oh my!

To finish the day I took my wife fishing. We dragged Adelle’s gear along with mine, bought a family licence, but she has yet to go out.

I took her to what has become my favourite stretch of the Rennie’s Mill River. She doesn’t fish much and not at all since 2 years ago.

It did answer a question I was wondering about. I was catching many and good fish every time and place I went. I was wondering if I was that good or if the fishing was super easy.

Here is her fish.

And this was after 90 minutes of fishing with me coaching/guiding/ directing. When we fished the mountain streams of Alberta she was pretty much my equal. So maybe the fishing is tough.


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