November 11th Palm Lounge Solo Guitar

I know a lot of my posts are about solo guitar at the Hotel Fort Garry. Thing is there is not a lot of places that I can do solo guitar. Most places want supper upbeat cover tunes from ‘an era’ any other place seems to want a ‘live’ DJ. The Palm Lounge in the Hotel is the last of its kind in Winnipeg and possibly possibly in Canada. It is a class place with live music 7 days a week with 9+ shows a week.

They pay us decently given the market AND they allow us to put out a tip jar. And by jar I mean a wine goblet. When I play a Friday or Saturday matinee (which I tend to do due to my rather full music teaching schedule) the tips can be OK but folks are there to pre-event drinks or an intimate dinner but,when I play a night show, with the business crowd and with my repertoire, the tips can be quite good. This was the case tonight (even though it was Remembrance day evening).

Either way people coming up to say they liked it, whether or not they tip, is thanks enough.

I am back there in December and January so come on down and say hi.

The equipment used was my New Boss Katana Amp, my ditto looper for one or 2 tunes a night and my trusty old Ibanez AFJ 957

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