November Gig Round Up

I guess this is getting to be a habit. This summarizing my live events for the month instaed of dedicated posts.

I am doing it this way this month as there were no wedding gis to post on the Winnipeg Wedding Site, and the only Burton Trio gig got molded into a duo gig because Adelle was sick!

November 2nd.

A rare side man gig. Bassist Steve Kiz Hired me to company him and sax man Brian Klowack as we played for a party in the River Heights area of Winnipeg. Lucky for me, as it was just down the street from my home.

November 15th McNally Robinson

had me doing the aforementioned jazz duo at McNally Robinson.

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November 16th Polo Park Hudson’s Bay

The next night had me as the sideman again but playing drums in a little trio that does a WIDE variety of music. Jazz, Rock, Country, Movie Themes, you name it!
Been a while since I played in a cosmetics department. So here I was at the Bay in Polo Park Winnipeg!

St. Benedict’s Table November 24th

I got asked to play bass. I have a few issues with playing bass in these situations. Not on this occasion, but on other ocassions I have been pressed into service while someone who is a poor or terrible guitar player was in the ensemble. I really feel these worship bands with 3 guitar players need to have a bass player mentoring program.
Anyways I got around it by using my acoustic baritone 7 string guitar. The lower string are like a bass but I have the upper 3 as guitar. I combined it with my Boss SY-300. I was at least a little challenging as I had to transpose all the tunes on the spot. It was an even transposition though so not that hard.

Palm Room Hotel Fort Garry November 30th

ON this occasion of my monthly appearance, I tried a different guitar. As it is a 4 set gig I am consonantly looking to make that 4th set easier. 3 hours of solo guitar I can do everyday but somehow the 4th hour tests my hands.

That’s it for now, see you next month

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