October 13th Solo Guitar at the Palm Lounge.

As this is also a site for people to catch my music (not just hiking and vacations) I thought I talk a bit about my monthly solo guitar slot at the Fort Garry Hotel.

I have been playing there since I first moved here in May of 2000 so as of this writing, I have been at it 18.5 years.

I have done it solo, in a duo with voice or piano. I have done it on drums in a variety trio. Right now I am settled, quite nicely, into a once a month solo guitar gig.

I play mostly standards with the odd pop/rock/chart topper thrown in.

It has been a great place to showcase my playing to prospective clients wanting music for their events (weddings, house parties, corporate functions, etc.)

One of my most viewed YouTube videos is some solo guitar from a Saturday Matinee (4-8).

On this occasion and since I was having a little discomfort in my left arm, I went with a different guitar.

The one pictured above is my trusty Ibanez AFJ-957. A 7 string arch-top.

On this gig I used my Ibanez Artist 7 string solid-body.

Seven String Guitar Solo Guitar Winnipeg

Always fun and a mix of listeners.

Check my calendar to see when I am there (or anywhere) in the near future!




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