October Gig Round Up

I have a main site I post my gig news at, https://riverheightsmusic.com/ and a site for my gigs with my wife, https://theburtonsjazz.ca/ AND a site for wedding gigs, https://winnipegweddingmusic.com/ . And sometimes I post them here.
October was light with an early gig (October 4th) at the Fort Garry Hotel.

As it is a 4 hour gig, I am starting to use my easier to play, solid body 7 string Ibanez. It doesn’t ‘look’ the part as much as the Arch Top but it does get me through the gig without pain and suffering.

On October the 26th we did a Burton’s Duo gig at McNally (that I forgot to take a picture of)

The main thing about October was the gig that never was. I was in negotiations with a Toronto based ad firm doing an event here in Winnipeg. Now here is how I do things.

First I get the gig confirmed, then I book the players.

So 7-8 emails back and forth and finally I am asked to do the gig and send an invoice. Then I book the other players. I do this so I am not ‘that guy’, the guy who is booking people ‘tentatively’ then forgetting to cancel or get back to them. I do it to avoid looking like a bozo.
Well after that effort they cancelled the gig.

Oh well, on to November.

Robert Burton
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3N 1P5

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