Solo Guitar Hotel Fort Garry Winnipeg

Here we are again writing about my solo guitar performances at the Palm Room inside the Hotel Fort Garry! What’s special about this? Nothing except it is the inaugural solo gig for my new 7 string Godin Multiac Encore Nylon String guitar.

The biggest challenge was amplification. Acoustic Guitar amps are notorious for being very directional. So right in front and in a very narrow sound cone is where it is loudest while off the the sides the sound is greatly reduced. For many reasons. they do not make an open back acoustic guitar amp.

Most acoustic guitars with pick-ups are terrible for feed back. The better the guitar (solid back and sides) the worse it is. The Godin is a semi solid with no sound hole and is very resistant to feed back. What works best is my Bose L1 S2 because of its multi array line speakers and sub woofer. But I never know how much room I will have on a Friday or Saturday performance as the 2nd act could be just piano and bass or a 4 piece. So bringing a small amp is my best bet.

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