Solo Guitar Hotel Fort Garry

Yup back at the Palm Lounge inside Winnipeg’s 100 year old Fort Garry Hotel. It seems I play here a lot but it is only once per month. On top of it, there are very few places to play in this city. Let alone place to play sophisticated guitar arrangements of jazz and popular music. I would love to play here more and for there to be more places like this to play and hear music but there isn’t.
in any other town the hotels by airport would have live music. In any other town the downtown bars lounges and restaurants would be bustling with music, but they aren’t.
In the former home of The Guess Who, Lenny Breau, The Crash Test Dummies, Dave Young, Neil Young, etc. there is very little music being played live.

In that light I am very thankful for the few jobs I get.

Anyway, January 11th was typical of most of my appearances at the Palm Lounge over the years. Some dinner people, some pre-gamers, some event attendees, etc. I do watch the crowd for hints of interest and to get ideas of tunes to play but mostly I am in my own world and if people dig it that’s cool but if they don’t let’s hope they don’t hate it!

Anyways check my event calendar to see when I am there again, or you could ask me.

Robert Burton Musician 
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3N 1P5

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