Solo October 14th Brightwater Senior Living

Last night I did a 4 hour solo guitar gig at Winnipeg’s 100 year old Hotel Fort Garry. This afternoon I played for the open house of the Brightwater Senior Living Centre.

It was another chance to use my Ibanez seven string solid body guitar. It is easier on my hands with lighter strings and short string length.

It was also a chance to try my new and MUCH lighter Katana amp by Boss.

The folks loved it and it was a great bunch to play for.

I haven’t played a lot of seniors homes. You’d think the old mellow music that I play would be a great fit. As it turns out, leisure directors (usually in their 20’s) think that super upbeat hand clapping music is what they need.

Nonetheless many of the residents love what I do because of it being old music done in a relaxing way.

The kind of thing any of us might like if we were non ambulatory.

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