Toronto Weekend Condensed

Today’s post represents a condensed tale of the next few days in the journey.

Today we spent the first half packing.

After that we wanted one more look around.

Our Last View of our view

We then took a look around the Catholic Basilica. Like The Anglican Cathedral, it is open to tours during the day.

Then off to our final feed of Ches’s Fish and Chips!

Then of course the schlepping of everything to the airport, flying landing and arriving.

The UP (Union to Pearson) train is an excellent addition to the area!
Why does no one know to stand back from the baggage carousel?

The next day we started our Core Energy Leadership course. Sounds lame but it had some hard work and insightful moments

That night we had nachos at The Rex and watched  ½ of the first and all of the second set. Amanda Tosoff. I kinda knew the drummer through him being a dick to people on Facebook when he first hit T.O. but once he shut up, his career took off. He played too loud in the first set, particularly during the bass solos but got it right in the second half. All the players were strong.

One of the things about the big smoke, is that there are lots of places to play & lots of players trying to play them. One sad aspect of this was the leader not only having a well labeled “Music Appreciation” tip jar on stage, but her going around after sets begging for money. I bought 3 of her recordings instead.

The next night was dinner and a show.

Dinner was the cute and fine Kit Kat for Italian and then off to see the 9/11 Gander Newfoundland inspired “Come From Away”

Having just been in N.L. we did not have any sense of overload.

It is highly recommended.

The next day we went to the ROM.

Apparently there was a thing on spiders.


Day after that was packing, traveling and landing.

I did stretch my legs and walked over to Allen Gardens.

But back to the hotel to drive north to the airport.

Waiting at Pearson
Landing in Winnipeg

And now we are home and back at it!



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