UK Trip Day 12 – Edinburgh

Our last full day in Edinburgh. We knew right off we did not book enough days here and by today that was quite apparent!
The forecast was for rain but every time that has happened, there wasn’t a rain worth mentioning.

We started at Edinburgh Castle. A magnificent structure, panoramic views and literally, mobs of tourists! We didn’t even get to see the Scottish Crown Jewels. (AKA the Honours of Scotland).
And then it rained! A good Scottish rain! Didn’t deter us (or the other tourists).

As we soaked, despite rain jackets AND an umbrella, we went back to the flat to change before heading to the national museum.

Scottish National Museum

Of course it is massive and most of it is free. So I limited myself to the Scottish history wing and a bit of a few other things. The Scottish part wasn’t too photogenic but here we goo.

I also had some fun with my neutral density filter. It allows really slow shutter speeds and small aperture settings in bright day light.

This is actually a very crowded place but anyone moving is either a blur or invisible. Not as sharp but it is literally my first time with it.

Time for some more souvenir shopping before dinner as well as a tour inside St. Giles Cathedral. AKA more photo ops for me.

After all that we deserved dinner! We decided to finish out Edinburgh stay at the #1 restaurant in the city according to TripAdvisor. One-20 Wine Cafe. We could have dress nicer for this place but a trip back to the flat was just not in the cards. As well there were some locals there who were our fashion equals.
Great wine list both by the bottle (which is common) and by the glass (which is not).

Back to the flat for a whisky and some alone time with my guitar. Then I pack for our 4 hour train ride to London.

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