UK Trip Day 14 – London England

Today we sorted out our transit passes in the form of the Oyster Card and our London Pass.

First, breakfast on the patio.

Our first activity was to do an hour and a half open top Double Decker tour bus. All these shots were either done with my phone and the Hipstamatic App for an old timey feel or my Nikon on auto. From a moving vehicle, and constantly changing light, I made my life easier.

We wander about on our way to lunch and found a few things of interest.

After this we went to lunch a Zedel It is a fancy place but quite honestly, it was the most expensive hamburger and chips I have ever had …and the chips were not that good.

We then hung out at Trafalgar Square.

Then we visited the National Gallery. I didn’t take any shots of the art but I got one of the ceiling and it was also a chance (again) to use my ND filter to blur the people in a busy place.

After that we headed home.

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