UK Trip Day 17 – Hot Day

With a predicted high of 37 Celsius, we elected to keep it simple. Lunch was Indian food, a trip to a Hindu temple, a mall and a movie.
Indian food was because London is the best place in the world to get it, the temple because my wife and teenager are into that, the mall and movie for the AC.

Give the climate history of this place, it is not really geared towards heat. Even this heat wave is only a few days long. The shops, buses, the tube, etc. are not air conditioned. Only the newer places and the newer overland trains have it.

The food was spectacular.

The temple was a study in contrast. While ancient looking and open to the public, it was relatively new and full of signs banning touching, photo or video taking and maintaining silence. That didn’t stop the attendant from loudly doing a face time session in the middle of the prayer area.

Now a bus ride to the London Outlet Mall. More like the US brand mall. No deals and nothing particularly British. It was near Wembley.

The movie we watched was Spiderman: Far from Home. The AC was set a perfect temperature and while dresses for the ind=sane heat and humidity, we were fine inside

After this we went home via the overland air conditioned trains. I had an ice cold beer and we crashed in from of the ‘tele’ as they say.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 12 degrees cooler and a chance for rain. Sound perfect for our trip to Buckingham Palace.

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