UK Trip Day 19 – Rain and the Towers

As this was a day that was predicted to rain all day, I left my Nikon at the flat. All the photos here are taken with my iPhone X.
It is, with some irony, that the improved sensors and ISO on my phone cameras that has inspired camera upgrades. I have gone from a D70 to a D200 to my current D5600 all in response to improvements in my iPhone 4, 7 and now X.
Except for changing glass (particularly zoom and telephoto options) the phones are great for land and cityscapes as well as portrait and bokeh

Today was the first bit of true English weather. Welcome today after the just passed heat wave.

First stop ‘The Tower of London‘.
Many things to see here but the main attraction will always be the Crown Jewels.

The Tower Bridge is nearby so we hit that. We were going to go up and walk the sky way but the line was mental.

Some odds and sods as well as the slow shutter app and my mini tripod.

After Lunch We made our way to Kings Cross station to visit the Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾ Gift Shop (the line up for the picture op with your luggage cart part way through the wall was also mental.

We then headed back and had dinner at Alice House.

Tomorrow is High Tea at St. Martin in the Fields and a Mary Popping Walking Tour.


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