UK Trip Day 20 – Mary Poppins and High Tea

We have more days behind us than we have in front of us on this epic little trip. One of the things we pre-book well in advance was a Mary Poppins Walking tour! What goes more perfectly with that than a spot of tea. So we went to the St. Martin in the Fields Church for their crypt room tea.

Before tea we had time to spend (yet again) around Trafalgar Square. After tea we walked a short section of the Thames Embankment.

Mary Poppins Walking Tour

Now when we we in Glasgow, the Harry Potter Walking Tour was a thing of beauty! While none of the movies were shot there, much of the inspiration was plain to see. We were more than a little crestfallen to find out this tour was more about the sequel than the original. Yes the original was shot in Hollywood, but the books where about London.
Anyways it was better than I thought it would be and it was still a great photo op.

Afterwards we couldn’t resist a return to Hyde Park to actually ‘feed the birds’.

First stop was to try a London Staple “Pimm’s Lemoade”

Time for a bus home and some odds and sods along the way. (and more time with the selective colour effect)

Tomorrow the British Museum!

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