UK Trip Day 21 – The British Museum

That’s right 3 weeks with one more day to go. It works our to 23 days in total with a travel day on either end to make it a perfect 3 weeks of vacationing.

The weather was perfect. High of 26 no clouds, no rain.
First stop lunch!

Rated the best F & C in London by Lonely Planet AND Trip Adviser, Poppies was our destination. In the east end of London there is not a whole lot else to do tourist wise. This area was a little rough around the edges without the same level of cleanliness or graffiti removal.

The food was good and the best chips I have had since coming to the UK. But the best F & C in my experience is in St. Johns.

While it has proven obvious that we can’t do everything one must visit the British Museum. I only got 2 hours in there. I saw a lot but I was really skimming (not to mention me screaming past the Rembrandt in pencil display) That said, it was amazing and I set my Nikon on auto so I could take acceptable snaps while enjoying the place.

If I come back once or a 100 times, I will come to this place every time and it’s free baby. They do ask for donations and the gift shop is a clip joint. I donated and bought stuff.

Back home where we stopped at Marks and Spencer Foods. Each of us had something different and ate it together.

Tomorrow we have a few things planned, Harrods, Hamleys and some tourists sites.

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