UK Trip Day 3 Glasgow

Fully rested and jet lag a mere memory, we set out on our day.

First stop is the 800 year old Glasgow Cathedral. Home/tomb of the patron saint and founder of Glasgow.

As part of the ‘being open for the tourists’ was an performance by the choir.

The Necropolis (Grave Yard)

What could be better than an 800 year grave yard on a large hill that overlooks the city?

Time For Lunch

Off to the Lonely Planet Recommend Wee Curry House.

By the way Tim Horton’s is in Glasgow.

Not So Dizzying Heights

Off then to the Lighthouse. An old building with a spiral staircase with a lovely view of the city.

Of Course being in Scotland it was time for some Scotch.

Off to the highly rated Pot Still. 750 whisky’s and beers.

On of the main advantages of an Air BnB is the option to stay in and make something yourself. Breakfast is easy but so is dinner. The shop down the way has ingredients and the already prepared. As well as decent wine in liters and half liters

After dinner, it was time to stroll the Clyde River Walk Way.

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