Whiteshell Hiking

I was planning on a fishing photo-op trip this day but the howling wind and WELL below seasonal temperatures had me more photo than fishing.

My First stop was Seven Sisters. A nice park with great views but limited hiking.

I did try fishing at Dorothy Lake but not luck and only a sorry turtle trying to get warm.

Next Stop, Bannock, which goes by many names, can be good for fishing but I wandered up the access road for miles encountering many birds.

Then off to White Lake. Along the way i saw numerous foxes prowling the ditches for the many juncos and sparrows feeding on late season seeds and such.

Again cloudy and overcast.

The portrait mode on the iPhone is nice but sometimes it gets goofy results. In the picture above you can see some of the water is in focus instead total the total bokeh effect seen in the next photo. 

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