October 17th Solo Guitar performance at Winnipeg Richardson Airport

On this Wednesday I played the YWG airport departure lounge. It was a great chance to see how good the security is. Even though a I Travel a bit and go through security as a performer they still did a full screening on me. Me, my guitar, amp and effects all got the once (or twice or thrice) over.

I have done this gig a few times and I think it is a great idea. It is something done in many major airports. Considering the size and nearly 24 hour day 7 days a week, I do wonder how they figure out what days and times to have the music. As it is in the lounge, it makes sense that it is during drinking hours. Maybe they know when the major layovers are going to be and have that figured out.
I can be a fun gig but I am dealing with A LOT of ambient noise. between the canned music, crowd noise and announcements I do have to stay focused. And it is still easier to deal with than some cackling hyena’s random and loud outbursts at a house party.

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