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Winnipeg Electric Bass Lessons (Bass Guitar)

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The electric bass, sometimes mistakenly referred to as the bass guitar (a different instrument all together), is the solid body, usually fretted, electric version of the upright bass AKA double bass. Robert is versed in both as well as all the styles associated either. Most importantly he is an actual bass player and not a guitar instructor merely pressed into service of teaching bass.

Robert’s bass lessons start with the fundamentals like; holding the instrument, proper right and left hand positioning and the basics of music like note reading, understanding rhythm and other skills. We can then move on to areas of music study like arpeggios, scales, bass line construction, learning bass parts from existing music and improving overall technique. Unique to the electric bass is the fun technique of ‘thumbing and popping’

Robert’s past bass Students include

Jonathan Gallant of Billy Talent

Double Juno award winning Jon Maharaj who has played with pretty heavy people including Diana Krall

Jessica Johnson of the Wild Homes

Sam Little of The Heights and Super Tough Dirty Work

Bass students also get to explore other styles of music with their teacher like:

  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Jazz

We can also prepare advanced students for University and College music progam auditions.

Robert Burton Musician
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