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Winnipeg Recording Studio

Robert provides a recording studio that is a budget and schedule friendly alternative to the big studios while remaining a professional alternative to typical basement studios!

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Whether you are a seasoned veteran, brand new to music, a rock band, solo artist, jazz combo, string quartet singer song writer or a spoken word artist we can record your sounds make you sound awe some and all at a good price.

What is the most important ingredient in a good studio? Is it the brand of recording gear? Is it the equipment? Is it the leather couch? No, it is the ears and years of the recording engineer.

Long before recording software, Iso-booths and even multi track recording, “recordists” were getting great sound with 2 microphones and 1 ‘take’.

Don’t get me wrong we use top notch 64 bit recording software, unlimited tracks, effects, etc. but good recording, like good music, will always come from the ears and the heart. While we do not look like a the typical recording studio. We don’t have a leather couch but we do get people the sound they want at a price they can afford. I have been serving the music community since 2000.

Who Can Use This Service?

  • Singer Songwriters who just want to record themselves singing and playing their songs.
  • Singers/Songwriters who want a band sound without having a band.
  • Full bands looking to record agency demos or original songs.
  • Anyone looking to make a CD on a budget
  • Students, looking for audition CD are to send to out of town schools.
  • Radio contests
  • Voice Over for commercials
  • Singers of all levels wanting to record themselves doing Karaoke.
  • Spicing up demo’s
  • Rap and Hip Hop artists

Robert Burton Musician
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3N 1P5