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The latest trend among many home owners is to have a house concert. This is usually held in a main room of a private home and part of a slightly larger gathering or party. While this seems to be the domain of folk musicians and singer songwriters, this seems to be a perfect fit for jazz musicians. Jazz musicians are experts a playing softly and show you care about the arts.

Imagine them put at ease and greeted with calming light jazz played by professional musicians!

many tiimes Robert finds himself doing music for  receptions and dinner. He provides relaxing background music to make the transition from one mode to relaxing social mode. Typically he starts playing before the first guests arrive so they feel welcome and know they are in the right place.

In a house concert situation. we would wait out of sight until all the guest are seated. After our introduction we would begin to play. in between pieces we would engage the audience with road stories, trivia about the songs and what some of the pieces mean to us.

Robert deals with all our clients with professionalism, reliability, punctuality and timely responses to all questions.

Robert offers a wide selection of ensembles to offer further options for making sure the music at your event is just right.

Because of this, Robert can provide a musical setting that best reflects your needs from event size to budget.

While our groups are jazz based they also can do a wide variety of popular music from many decades to keep everyone happy.

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